WGH visits Youngsville Elementary Middle School

Youngsville Elementary Middle School (YEMS) and Warren General Hospital (WGH) has had a great partnership this year.  It was great having Damion Wise and the rest of his staff come into our school this year and present on Diabetes to many of our classes.  It was particularly important because we have students who live with diabetes and would like for others to understand their daily challenges.  Their presentation was not only informative for the students but also very interactive and fun as well.  Some comments from some of the teachers were as follows:

“I know that the student in my class with diabetes said she liked it because she could tell everyone everything that she knew about diabetes. She beamed the whole time.” (Ms. Bingman)

“I think it brought light to the seriousness of the disease.  They did a great job bringing it down to the kids’ level by using everyday items and bags of sugar.  I thought it was nice how they explained how much it affects the heart.  Some students said it made them feel bad for the people with diabetes.  The kids also mentioned how they enjoyed the game they played with them.  They showed them everyday items, even fruit and then the kids had to guess which bag of sugar matched the amount of sugar in the items.”  (Leytha Jaquith)

Besides the Diabetes presentations that were presented to the classrooms, representatives from WGH also came and set up two tables at YEMS Literacy Resource Fair this past April.  They provided not only valuable information for the parents but also kid-friendly activities and items to give away.  

YEMS is always looking for ways to partner with the community and the partnership with WGH has been such a positive one that has been beneficial for our school, students, and parents.  

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